Origin and Purpose

If women’s issues were totally up to women, the world wouldn’t look this way. Changed men can change men. They just need to know they matter.

History is His-Story… and Her-Story

  • Being the only men’s organization specifically focused on the empowerment of women is of radical importance. There are many women’s organizations for women.  There are many organizations for helping men.  There are even small collections of individual men working within women’s organizations.  But there is no other Men Matter.
  • Our contingent community is currently over 20,000 people for social justice as aspirational social entrepreneurs. When men realize their importance to women, a positive transformation occurs. Both men and women become empowered.  No perpetrators, no victims.  A win-win for all.
  • Men working alongside women for women’s rights were a key to securing women’s rights. It’s a fact. Even women’s right to vote was voted in by men. But then feminism took a turn toward making men the enemy, and the implication that women don’t need men at all. Indeed, if women had in fact won this war of the sexes, most women would agree that the world would look nothing like it does today.
  • Men matter is a call for a new phase of feminism that includes men in the solutions. Statistics show that men are still in charge of not only the majority of corporate boards and the corporate executive C-Suite, but the majority of political, university, and press editor positions of influence and control.  They are most religious leaders, and all fathers are usually men as a prerequisite to the title role.
  • What men choose to do or not do changes the lives of the women in their lives.

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The Evolution of Men Matter

  • In the late 20thcentury, (that is the 1990’s), the founder, and her sister had discussions around writing a career coaching book for women. Both had both gone from birth in an average, unlikely small town in the Midwest USA to positions at major Fortune 100 firms, in charge of the P&L (profit and loss). The realization came that self improvement is limited, and advice books begin to sound critical and re-victimizing of women for failing to survive and thrive in a man’s world where most positions of power in politics, media moguls, business boards and executives, science and higher learning professorships were still held by men.
  • After some heated discussion, research and interviews with over 100 famous authors and women in leadership, the conversation shifted from “earning power” to the clear emerging theme that business was still a man’s game, or women wouldn’t have to read about HOW TO “PLAY LIKE A MAN” in order to “win like a woman”, and not be “nice” if they wanted success.
  • By the turn of the century, even the United Nations was conceding that the best way to change conditions for women was not just programs for women, but educating men that women are people with human rights. The World Bank also became interested recently in this dynamic when creating programs for women’s voice and agency.  The founder, an anthropologist, had lived in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America by this time, beginning with a Peace Corps internship in college and wanted to not only observe, but make a global social change with lessons learned.
  • Think about it, most women’s issues are actually men’s issues in disguise. Medical research favoring men for treatments and cures, Sex Traffic needing buyers for the trade, business, science and technical positions going vacant while the majority of college graduates are now female, and issues that hit home such as not-committed fathers being so commonplace whole shows are about “I’m not that baby’s daddy”.  It’s no longer an issue of qualifications or being worthy.  There is a disconnect of men who live as if they matter only to themselves, and the men that choose to matter to themselves and others.

A few bad alpha males being predatory, bullying, perpetrators have caused some women to lump men in an undeserved misunderstanding that perpetuates the war of the sexes. 

Building and Growing:  Men Matter Now

  • The present state of men matter as a philanthropy is on the cusp of aiming not only to inform, but transform how the genders view each other in career, relationships and family. Our goal is no less than ending the gender war.
  • The initial attention was flattering. The philanthropy got the cover of the OC metro magazine in Southern California and was able to be in radio and print regularly with very little effort because the topic is so relevant to many of the breaking stories of our day and seasonal themes that content creators crave.  The take on the movement is both unique and useful, and so it is relevant and valuable.  But with that attention came the realization that there was a lot to learn.
  • For three years the organization has played a part alongside other organizations, gaining recognition by the Gates Foundation, and participating in STEM activities of the CAA Foundation, and recently an IBM On Demand grant to create an elementary school program.
  • There has been an envisioning process fueled by learning hands on chats with some of the most successful emerging non-profits such as Room to Read, Lean In and Donors Choose.
  • Men Matter is now poised to mobilize people worldwide who care about the causes of women and their children. Women make up the bulk of the world’s poor. They make up the fewest of the world’s wealthiest people.  Helping men help women is the definition of a good philanthropy and do-gooding that will change the world.
  • Our target audience:   Globally.

Compelling Content for Change:

How does change happen? We intend to give people something to talk about, information that can be shared and forwarded.

In aspirational conclusion and solution: Men Matter is Mission not Marketing. Men, Women, Meaning. 

  • Comprehensive Coverage– The unique perspective give a window on each story of the day that impacts people. Using high-profile news to talk about our position.
  • Convenience- Easy access on web and mobile, tools to tell friends, create activities locally, raise funds, have forums and feedback. Easy sponsorship and publicity that encourage conversation.
  • Control, Choice, Customization- Choice on who to meet, who to meet up with, and matching to causes that create passion in volunteers. Niche communities, providing tools to support people.
  • Community, Citizenship- User groups, fans, groups that form around various aspects of the cause, pride in word of mouth involvement. Targeting key influencers to spread the word.
  • Contributions– Finding others who are like minded and responsive, good faith efforts to form their own activities. Peer recognition, recruiting new advocates.
  • Conversation, Collaboration– Teaching tools, listening and responding, encouraging one to one and one to many participation. Cultivating evangelists, advocates, volunteers.
  • Consumtion Experience- co-creation, feedback, grassroots organization and motivation for personal and local outreach.

Men Matter Mission and Core


The Premier Organization of Men Empowering Women, Building Awareness of How Men Matter to Women.

A National and California 501(c)3

All Men Matter. Some Choose to Matter More Than Others.

Let’s build a world where the highest expression of a man is his choice to elevate the women in his life.  At Men Matter, our vision is to be the premier global men’s organization for women’s causes.  In other words, we aim to be the largest and greatest men’s women’s movement.

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Core Programming

  • 1) Programs that Fit- These are the programs that are central to our mission, most important to our community, our programmatic strength, leveraging across program causes, engagement opportunities and the reason we exist.
  • 2) Programs that Attract- Aspirational to community, appealing to funders, demanded by clients, easy to draw interested resources, results that are reportable, ideas that are adaptable.
  • 3) Alternative Coverage Models- Completely unique, yet one of many community overlap.
  • 4) Positioning- Building constituency, quality of service and track record of program involvement making a difference, global concept with repeatable localization, one to one and one to many impact.



  • Our work contributes to the end goal of changing people’s perspectives about how men can make a difference in women’s lives by embracing their causes in areas such as leadership, health, education, poverty. In short, our goal is measured in a metric of individual and group awareness. It is a social movement.
  • We work with men to focus on women’s empowerment rather than self-centered pursuits. The immediate benefits to them include improving society by decreasing social injustice, family benefits that come with a committed spouse and greater options for kids, better improved work/life, economic viability for all, and improved self through service and shared interpersonal relationships.
  • The issues that men are trying to address are those issues that make up gender parity for the World Economic Forum and much more.
  • The issues that women are trying to address are Economic, Workplace, Legal, Health, Family Parenting and Caregiving, Violence, Media, Exploitation, and Life Transition.
  • The activities serving both men and women are awareness campaigns, mentoring, education, communities, and action teams.
  • The short term changes to people are in knowledge, attitude, behaviors, skills, and condition.
  • The next level intermediate outcomes are aligning the national public agenda with local improvement plans, family gains in a change of spirit, hope, and love.
  • The end goal, the vision is, the result for the community is the assurance that if men decide to matter to women, there will be a new paradigm that is less painful for all people filled with experiences of belonging, interconnection, interdependence, and importance where both genders are free to grow personally and empower each other. Our vision is men and women ending the war of the sexes and the “mommy wars” in order their full potential in peace as people unencumbered by sexism or gender violence.


MEN MATTER 501(C)3 National Nonprofit

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Men are in a unique position to influence the perspectives of other men. We provide the tools and resources for those in power to start a discussion, be a part of the solution, and create change.


  • Browse Women in Need (or submit your story)
  • Programs for Youth
  • Programs for Working Years
  • Programs for Retirees
  • Create a Men Matter Team in Your Woman’s Org
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  • Press Kit, Campaigns, and Media

The Plan 

Building awareness and inspiring action of the community, platform and donor relations will be the largest immediate focus of our mission.



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Founder Story: Compelling, Credible, Gutsy, Committed, Empathetic and Hopeful

Men Matter was an idea incubated in a bunk bed at a woman’s shelter in Southern California where the founder fled after being degraded once again publically by her husband while being honored at a Business Journal lunch for the top 100 female entrepreneurs in the county, from Centurion card to welfare card all in one month because of a combination of years of financial, physical, sexual and other abuse that left her in paralyzing fear. Rachel Bondi, currently a leader in IBM’s Global Business Services consulting, recently came from heading the mobile Innovation technology department at Creative Artists Agency, the world’s leading entertainment and sports agency. With a corporate anthropology background from Japan, Turkey and Africa, she has studied 7 languages, worked and lived on 6 continents. Prior to joining CAA, Rachel held senior positions at First American in digital security and forensics, Microsoft in consumer media and entertainment business development, and Sanmina-SCI digital product manufacturing. Rachel began her career at AT&T Global Markets after having been a school teacher. Rachel holds degrees and certifications from Loyalist, Stanford and Eckerd College. Rachel Bondi is an anthropologist, author and speaker with a reputation for creativity, variety, invention, innovation, and getting from idea to reality quickly. Rachel’s career has been built on systems thinking, program and portfolio, principals and patterns.  Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of Business”, Rachel is known for going into cultures, industries and companies as a catalyst for big, disruptive ideas that change everything and get people to trust something new.

She’s recently been honored by the State of California and the Gates Foundation for her work in bridging corporate and community efforts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). On the cover of Orange County Metro Magazine as one of the 10 Women of Power, she has appeared in Multichannel News, Twins Magazine, WSJ, Technorati, Crunchbase, WITI Online, Yahoo!Finance, SocialFunds.com, OC Business Journal, IMDB, television, radio, and international press. She is a survivor of domestic violence, with state safe@home and federal protection, who is still being litigated by her abuser for 10 years to the present. A single mother, she has four children.



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With the loss of MenMatter.org, MenMatter.com presses onward toward our goal of educating men on why and how they matter to women. How can men make a difference? Read On…


Rachel Bondi

Founder & CEO, Men Matter

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